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Tips on Spirituality

Spirituality and Health

Spirituality and Health The link between spirituality and health has a longstanding historical basis.For centuries, people have intertwined spirituality and health with the belief that if you are confident in and diligent about your spirituality then the result would be continued good health or improved health. And one could argue that such a belief has…
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Holistic Spirituality 

Holistic Spirituality I think the word “spiritual” is a grossly underrated and mal-defined concept for the most part. People will often take a small part of the true whole and apply a spiritual label to it, certainly in terms of the popular secularist viewpoint. Yet realistically, spirituality is not all that trendy in the secular world–it can tend to…
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Linking between Spirituality and Money

If you have ever been in a situation where you had to fight financially. I mean REALLY fight financially. Fine I have, and it is not a respectable feeling at all. It not just affects you financially, but it affects you physically, emotionally, and mentally. And it can also affect you spiritually. I accept as…
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Spirituality Design

How to Understand the Spirituality of Angel Tattoo Designs? Among the most popular tattoo designs are the angel tattoo designs. Whether the angel decorated on the tattoo fan’s body is in whole or in part, there are many reasons why the angel tattoo design has achieved the valued status it now possesses. Among the most…
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What Is ‘Spiritual’ in Terms?

Detailed information on all kinds of Spirituality Design and how to join each and every Spirituality Design as a publisher.